World 50

In 2010, we supported World 50's management to buy their company back from a large, corporate owner. The business came with a customer list, a lease and 40 employees -- everything else needed to be built from scratch, quickly.

Alongside a smart and hungry team, we built out a finance department, implemented new accounting and CRM systems and created a strategic human resources function to support World 50's rapid growth. We brought in new sales leadership and launched ten new products. We hired over 100 employees in less than five years.

When it came time to sell, we supported management's decision to go another round with a larger private equity fund to continue their global expansion plans.

School Messenger

We purchased SchoolMessenger from the business' founder in 2010.  The founder remained on the board of directors and new management got to work expanding on the products and building out the team.

Finance and accounting abilities were expanded, a new VP of Sales was brought in and additional software development talent was added.  New product functionality, including mobile iPhone and Android apps were released.  We completed an add-on acquisition, expanding SchoolMessenger's total addressable market.

West Corporation saw what had been built and viewed SchoolMessenger as an ideal way to really make a splash into the K-12 market.  Since selling to West, the company has continued to expand both organically and with other acquisitions, meaning SchoolMessenger found a good long-term home.

Royall & Company

Royall & Company was purchased from its founder in 2008.  He remained on the board of directors as Royall continued on expanding its product offerings for traditional undergraduate universities.

Increasing the product line's scalability was a major focus, with the software strategy being overhauled and the software development team being added to.  Additional sales and marketing talent was also brought into the company along with increased back office capabilities.

Royall was ultimately sold to The Advisory Board.


In 2012, we backed the CEO of WorkWave to acquire the company from its owners. Over five years we helped the management team re-build the product from the ground up; we supported five tuck-in acquisitions to add functionality customers needed and to differentiate the company from its competitors; we rebranded the business and overhauled its marketing program; and we built a world-class HR organization to retain, recruit and reward a rapidly growing workforce.

In 2017, WorkWave was acquired by IFS, a private equity-backed software company.