The Career Wayback Machine

This week's topic comes from our listeners and it's one of our favorite subjects -- us!   It's the "how did we get into private equity" episode.

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2018 Private Markets Due Diligence Survey

Talking with Drake Paulson and Graeme Faulds from eVestment, a Nasdaq company, about the results of their 2018 Private Markets Due Diligence Survey. Find out how Limited Partners feel about fees, the use of credit facilities to close deals and due diligence.

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More Stack Overflow with Alan Williamson

A follow-up conversation with the Mad Scotsman, Alan Williamson.  This time we're talking about the technology section of the 2018 Stack Overflow developer survey.   It's Java vs. C#, MariaDB vs. Oracle, AWS vs. Azure and much, much more. 

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Stack Overflows 2018 Developer Survey

The Mad Scotsman, Alan Williamson, returns to the funcast for a lively discussion of Stack Overflow's 2018 Developer survey.  We talk about all things development, backend vs frontend vs. full stack -- and the myth of the high school dropout programming genius.

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The Fatal Flaw Episode

Jim and Devin talk about the one or two characteristics that can blow an otherwise terrific executive out of the water.  It's Bill Simmons' 90/10 rule -- only better!

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March Madness 2018

Our day jobs have been getting in the way of our podcasting ... but the long wait is over, we are back in the saddle with our annual March Madness Episode.  This year we cover the technologies that are having the biggest impact on our portfolio - it's Amazon vs. Google, Netsuite vs. Salesforce.com, C# vs Python, PostgreSQL vs. MySQL ... and more!

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A Brief History of Computing

Jim and Devin walk through the list of technology companies where Jim has worked over the years. We talk about the lessons learned as they apply to PE-owned tech companies in the middle market. We cover decades of computing from Digital Equipment Corporation to Oracle and beyond. Bonus content includes a Rupert Pupkin shoutout and a Regis Philbin impression.

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The Case For 1st Time Funds with PitchBook

Devin and Jim kick-off their collaboration with PitchBook, the leading private equity and private company database now owned by Morningstar. Nizar and Dylan from PitchBook's research team discuss their recent report on first-time private equity funds -- the fundraising stats, the increasing demand and the unique challenges new funds face.

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Macroeconomics and Private Equity

Devin and Jim talk about the major macroeconomic factors that affect Private Equity. Here's a hint -- it's mostly a robust economy and lower interest rates.

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Halloween 2017 Special

Devin and Jim talk about the four basic Halloween villains -- Vampires, Frankenstein, Werewolves and Mummies -- and how PE deals often end up as one of these monsters. Plus, we do a fast review of the BEST Halloween candies and our most popular costumes when we were kids.

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Welcome Cici Zheng

Devin & Jim welcome ParkerGale’s newest teammate to the FunCast. Cici joined us from Bain & Co to manage our go-to-market activities across the portfolio

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How To Teach People Stuff

Devin and his daughter Quinn spend an hour with high school English teacher Nathaniel Small on exploring the challenges of teaching people...

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Buyouts from the Seller's Side

Listener Request! Devin & Jim take a look at private equity deals from the sellers' side of the table and cover questions such as: How do you select a PE buyer?

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What the heck is a Digital Strategy?

Talking with Anthony Onesto of the Konrad Group about "Digital Strategy". It means different things to different people and we make an attempt to define the basics. This is a big topic -- covering everything from websites, email, SEO/SCM to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Devin and Jim sit down with NextGen Growth Partners founder Brian O'Connor to discuss search funds, pledge funds, traditional funds and all the similarities and differences among them.

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Summer Reading List

Devin and Jim take a random walk down their reading list of favorite business and research books.  We mention some old favorites and some hidden gems and talk about ParkerGale's official reading club's August selection.

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Confusing PE Jargon Explained

Devin (and Jim from behind the sound board) welcomes back Cass and Ben for a mad-cap review of all the confusing terms and phrases thrown around the typical private equity shop. We give you the shortcut to understanding WACC, TTM, ICs, TAMs and LPACs. Now, doesn't that sound exciting!

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