Buyouts from the Seller's Side

Listener Request! Devin & Jim take a look at private equity deals from the sellers' side of the table and cover questions such as: How do you select a PE buyer?

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What the heck is a Digital Strategy?

Talking with Anthony Onesto of the Konrad Group about "Digital Strategy". It means different things to different people and we make an attempt to define the basics. This is a big topic -- covering everything from websites, email, SEO/SCM to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Devin and Jim sit down with NextGen Growth Partners founder Brian O'Connor to discuss search funds, pledge funds, traditional funds and all the similarities and differences among them.

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Summer Reading List

Devin and Jim take a random walk down their reading list of favorite business and research books.  We mention some old favorites and some hidden gems and talk about ParkerGale's official reading club's August selection.

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Confusing PE Jargon Explained

Devin (and Jim from behind the sound board) welcomes back Cass and Ben for a mad-cap review of all the confusing terms and phrases thrown around the typical private equity shop. We give you the shortcut to understanding WACC, TTM, ICs, TAMs and LPACs. Now, doesn't that sound exciting!

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What is a Dividend Recap?

Devin and Jim break down the what, how, why and when of the often maligned, but rarely explained, process of PE funds taking money out of companies before the exit.  Plus: shout outs to some PE Funcast fans and a smattering of 80s music.

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How to develop an Investment Thesis

Devin and Jim go deep on their process for developing investment theses. They cover: where to start, tools to hone your thesis, how to fight confirmation bias, when to give up and when to stick with it.

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Ship of Theseus Episode

Devin and Jim were inspired to delve into the "Ship of Theseus" story in the first episode from season two of Gladwell's "Revisionist History"...

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Talent Management 201

Devin sits down with Myra D’Souza, ParkerGale’s head of talent management. They cover how to get into private equity from the HR side of the house; what PE firms do about human capital pre and post-deal; and how small companies can be better at talent management.

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Customer Analytics 101

An introduction to customer analytics with Ben Falloon and Jake Petoskey from the ParkerGale team.  The first of several episodes tackling the tricky topic of building ground-up customer analytics and building market maps.

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Jake? Jake's my boy!

Jim and Devin sit down with ParkerGale Principal Jake Petoskey to discuss his path to private equity thru the operating side of the house. Similar to past episodes with Cass and Kevin we cover all the details for how to get into PE, but this time without the traditional finance background.


Talent Management 101

We spend an hour talking with Anthony Onesto from the Konrad Group.  We've known Anthony as a cutting-edge thinker in the Human Capital Management space for many years.  Today we finally managed to get him in front of a podcast microphone to start a series of episodes on talent.

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How to Interview Good

Jim, Devin and Ryan sit down to discuss why people are so bad at interviewing and what they did to fix their own mistakes. They cover the strategy and tactics for improving your interviewing skills and provide some helpful tips you can try out on your own.

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We're Hiring!

ParkerGale is looking to add three professional to our team -- two Principals focused on Operations and one Associate for the Investment team. Take a listen to find out if you (or someone you know) is a good fit.

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