Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) Announces Acquisition of CaseBank Technologies

ParkerGale portfolio company Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP), the aviation industry's premier provider of information, tools and services, has announced it acquired CaseBank Technologies, Inc., a leader in integrated diagnostic, troubleshooting and fault detection solutions for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries, among others.

“The acquisition of CaseBank Technologies is an important next step in the evolution of ATP,” said Charles Picasso, CEO of ATP. “With the addition of their advanced diagnostic, troubleshooting and proactive fault detection capabilities, we will offer customers an even more comprehensive set of integrated solutions to drive greater improvements in maintenance processes and equipment performance.”

ATP is the only single-source provider offering information management and services to promote safety and compliance in the aviation industry.  CaseBank Technologies increases aircraft availability and accelerates return to service by using field experience to identify and troubleshoot aircraft faults. The complementary fit of both companies will help aviation professionals around the world to improve the speed, cost and quality of maintenance, increasing equipment availability and enhancing overall business performance.

ParkerGale and it's co-investors acquired ATP in September 2015 from the company's founder.