My “Maslow” hierarchy of application needs

Almost everybody is familiar with Abraham Maslow’s famous paper outlining the various levels of human motivations. Maslow’s hierarchy is built as a pyramid, with its foundation based on physical needs: food, water, and oxygen. The second layer is safety and security. Next up is love and belonging, followed by esteem, all leading to the top of the hierarchy — self-actualization. Whether or not you believe Maslow’s sociological framework applies to man, the hierarchy is an interesting model for application software.

I’ve developed a pyramid-shaped hierarchy of my own to outline my requirements for any application that I use or build. In a stunning display of originality, I’m calling it Milbery’s Hierarchy of Application Development Needs. I suspect that many of you will agree with the principles of my hierarchy, just as I believe that you will all disagree with their individual placement within the pyramid... read more here at Medium.